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Visiting Wheatley Scholars

Wheatley Visiting Student Scholar Video

In 2013, Wheatley Institute received a donation to fund a unique scholarship. The Wheatley Visiting Student Scholar Fund was established and offers scholarships primarily to students who were admitted to BYU but decided to attend a highly ranked alternative university. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide an opportunity for worthy, academically gifted LDS students who are attending other institutions to have a “BYU experience” by spending a summer term (late June to mid-August) on campus and enrolled as a visiting student.

The scholarship is generous, providing for tuition, books, housing, meal plans, and other fees. The only major expense for scholarship recipients is travel to and from campus.

The hope is that these students will be enriched by the experience, strengthened in their ability to navigate the difficult culture of most college campuses, and better equipped to articulate and implement gospel principles in their educations, professions, communities, and families.

In recent years, the Wheatley Visiting Student Scholar Fund has also been publicized at the Institutes of Religion attached to highly ranked institutions of higher education. Latter-day Saint students at any institution may apply and previous admission to BYU is not necessary, but a standard CES ecclesiastical endorsement will be required of scholarship recipients. In accordance with the original intent of the donors, preference will be given to students attending highly ranked universities and colleges.

We are no longer accepting applications for 2024. The application for 2025 will be available later this year.