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Who We Are

Wheatley Institute Mission Statement


As disciples of Jesus Christ, we believe that agency, accountability, charity, morality, and spiritual strength are essential for people to thrive.

As students of history and humanity, we believe such personal virtues can be transformed into civic virtue in the presence of trusted and trustworthy institutions of civil society and the rule of law.

Accordingly, Wheatley Institute engages students, scholars, thought leaders, and the public in research-supported work that fortifies the core institutions of the family, religion, and constitutional government.

About Wheatley Institute

Jack and Mary Lois Wheatley, with the perspective they gained through their rich community service, saw how confidence in the core formative institutions of our society were threatened by destructive contemporary trends. They worried that without the protection afforded by healthy core institutions that personal freedom and civic virtue would also erode. Thanks to their vision and generosity, Wheatley Institute was founded in order to fortify the core social institutions of the family, religion, and constitutional government.

We accomplish this mission by supporting academic research on core social institutions that can help solve real world concerns. Wheatley researchers seek to share their research insights not only in peer-reviewed publications, but also with people who can make an immediate difference in fortifying families, congregations, and communities. Accordingly, Wheatley research and Wheatley fellows are increasingly cited in national media. We refine and share our work through on-campus conferences and events. We actively mentor BYU’s next generation of social influencers through research-inspired student workshops, experiential learning, and scholarships. Additionally, we are beginning to develop community resources and continuing education platforms.

If you share our concern for the importance of vital families, communities of faith, and the protection of constitutionally ordered freedoms, we invite you to engage with our work.