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Wheatley Research on Pornography Cited

September 01, 2023 03:42 PM
"How Pornography Can Affect Relationships" by Kari Rusnak Cites Wheatley Research on Pornography's Impact on Relationships

Wheatley Fellow Joins ABA Task Force

August 22, 2023 03:48 PM
Judge Thomas Griffith Joins the American Bar Association's Task Force for Education on American Democracy

Wheatley Fellow Co-Writes About the Economic Benefit of Families

August 22, 2023 03:15 PM
Dr. Jenet Erickson, Ph.D., Writes with Others About How Families Can Boost the Economy

Wheatley/IFS Dataset on Technology and Marriage Cited

July 27, 2023 11:10 AM
The Dataset on Technology and Relationships Has Been Cited in Multiple Sources

Governor Cox Speaks About Healthy Conflict Initiative at the Braver Angels National Convention

July 10, 2023 01:54 PM
Utah Governor Spencer Cox gave a sneak peak about a new initiative that he is in the process of creating at the Braver Angels National Convention. The initiative, which is to yet be announced, focuses on creating a healthy conflict model for Americans to use when disagreements arise. Deseret News wrote about his presentation on the democratic need for the improving how Americans disagree.

Wheatley Study Cited in CNN

July 03, 2023 10:57 AM
Article uses study findings from Date Night Opportunity report

Shima Baughman and Others Talk with Deseret News About Pluralism

June 27, 2023 11:24 AM
Deseret News executive editor, Hal Boyd, met with a panel of scholars, including Wheatley Institute Distinguished Fellow, Shima Baughman. The group discussed the current state of America and how the deep divisions have affected pluralism. The conversation delves into ways that society can continue to move towards a pluralistic society.

Washington Times Article Cites Wheatley Research

June 27, 2023 11:13 AM
The Washington Times references a Wheatley Institute research in a recent article that discusses how liberals have become increasingly dissatisfied compared to those who lean conservative. They cite Wheatley's study on how a person's happiness is directly tied to family and religion.

Deseret News and Church News Cover the 2023 Religious Freedom Annual Review Keynote Closing Session

June 24, 2023 02:58 PM
In the final session of the 2023 Religious Freedom Annual Review, a conference co-sponsored by Wheatley Institute and BYU Law's International Center for Law and Religion Studies, Elder Clark G. Gilbert of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints spoke on the need for people to be good stewards of religion. His remarks encapsulated the general theme of the event, focusing on the need for all to be courageous in their religiosity. Deseret News and Church News both covered this session.