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How Fidelity to God Can Enrich Faith in Him

Wheatley Assistant Director, Emily Reynolds, explores what fidelity is and how ‘fidelity to God’ can enrich our faith in Him

Emily Reynolds, Wheatley Institute Assistant Director, recently published an article in Public Square Magazine on fidelity.

Fidelity is not a word that gets a lot of daily usage. Faithfulness may be the most common synonym of fidelity, and we frequently use the adjective form—faithful. In Latter-day Saint scripture, God often speaks of those who are faithful, promising them a long list of happy outcomes. These range from obtaining a land of promise to being preserved and protected, having God’s spirit poured out, having great cause to rejoice, being encircled in the arms of God’s love, and—in case anything seems left out—being blessed in all things, both temporal and spiritual.

Read the full article in Public Square Magazine here