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Jason S. Carroll, Associated Director, Responds to Relationship Questions from BYU Students

Marriage and Family Professor and Wheatley Institute Associate Director Answers Questions about Dating and Marriage

As part of Wheatley Institute's Valentine's Day celebration and the launch of February's Report "The Date Night Opportunity", Jason S. Carroll answers questions about love, dating, and marriage fielded from students at Brigham Young University. Carroll is a professor at BYU covering the topics of Family and Marriage. He has also authored books about marriage including "The Marriage Compass."

What Does Healthy Equal Partnership Look Like?
What Are Signs Of A Healthy Dating Relationship?
What Is An Ideal Length Of Time To Date Before Getting Married?
What Do You Wish College Students Knew About Dating
What Are Signs Of A Healthy Dating Relationship?
How Do You Know A Marriage Is A "Good Marriage"?
What Do You See As The Purpose of Marriage?
How Can I Take The Stress Out Of Preparing For Marriage?