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Wheatley Researchers & Authors Seek to Help Struggling Teenage Girls

Deseret News Shares Perspective Piece on the Dangers of Social Media for Young Girls

A new report from the CDC shined a light on the dangerous side effects of social media on teenage girls. This report inspired Jenet Jacob Erickson and Brad Wilcox to pen this perspective article for the Deseret News. Erickson and Wilcox have both long since been involved with Wheatley Institute. Wilcox was one of the authors of last month's report called "The Date Night Opportunity" and both of them worked on the "Teens and Tech" Report published last year by Wheatley Institute. They take on social media's negative impact, citing increased levels of suicidal thoughts and eating disorders. They argue for age verification and other measures to keep young people safe.

Read the full article here.