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'Homeward Bound' Report Featured in Deseret News

Wheatley Institute report on childcare preferences used by Deseret News contributor

Nic Dunn, a Deseret News contributor, takes on the subject of the work and parenting balance in a piece published this November. Dunn cites "Work/Life Balance Preferences: Utah Parents" (a survey commissioned by Utah Community Builders), first-hand interviews with Utah working professionals, and "Homeward Bound: The Work-Family Reset in Post-Covid America" which was published by the Institute of Family Studies and co-sponsored by Wheatley Institute.

Dunn uses this research to point out the discrepancy between the desire for parents to raise their children on their own and the help offered to reach that goal. He outlines this problem before concluding that "equipping parents with more freedom to realize the vision for work and family life that is best for them and their children will strengthen families, bolster our economy and respond to a crucial movement in American family life."

Read the full article here.