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Rachel Miner

2021 Scholarship Recipient

Rachel works at the intersection of economics, human rights, and policy to protect and promote freedom of religion or belief, also known as freedom of conscience. As executive director of Bellwether International, Rachel works directly with government leaders, faith and belief leaders, and other nongovernmental organizations to address the growing human rights violations that affect groups such as the Uighurs in China and Rohingya in Myanmar. One project included the delivery of over 40,000 books, school supplies, and clothing for implementation of a literacy program empowering children displaced because of their religion in Nigeria. She has worked extensively on public policy in the United States Senate and most recently in the Utah State Legislature, helping to draft and facilitate support for three separate bills that ensure protection to sexual assault survivors. Rachel intends to pursue a graduate degree in economics and then attend law school. Rachel was named a 2021 Truman Scholar and as such intends to spend several years in public service upon graduating. Rachel enjoys rock climbing and attending live jazz performances.