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Ed Gantt

Professor of Psychology

Ed Gantt is a Fellow at the Wheatley Institution and a Professor of Psychology at Brigham Young University. Gantt received his B.S. in Psychology Teaching and did post-graduate work on Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology at Brigham Young University. He then went to Duquesne University for his M.S. in General Psychology and his Ph.D. in Existential-Phenomenological Psychology. Gantt’s current studies focus on critically analyzing naturalistic accounts of human action in contemporary psychology. His interests include identifying the often hidden philosophical assumptions of materialism, determinism, reductionism, and egoism in mainstream psychological theories, examining the implications of those assumptions for psychological theory and practice, and articulating viable, alternative approaches to accounting for human action that preserve moral agency and meaning. Gantt’s recent work looks to evaluate evolutionary psychological accounts of religion and religious phenomena, explore the nature of the interface between religion and science, and articulate possible avenues for reconceptualizing psychological science, human action, and religious experience.