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The Importance of Religious Identity

How to live your faith beyond BYU

Wheatley Institute had the opportunity to cohost a lecture by Paul Lambert, owner of a business consulting firm and the Secretary and Treasurer at the Religious Freedom and Business foundation. Lambert specializes in faith and religion in the workplace and spoke on how religious pluralism recognized and celebrated in the workplace is a good business practice.

Lambert says, “Our workplaces are a great medium for [experiencing religious pluralism]. Why? 1) Your workplace is probably the most diverse place you will encounter with regularity in your life… 2) You'll spend a lot of time there, most of your time actually. 3) You have a common cause. If we can experience the benefits of religious pluralism and religious freedom in the [workplace], if we can experience those benefits and understand how they add value to our lives, surely we will take them outside of the workplace. We will take them into our communities; we are going to take them into our states and our nation and the world. I think we can change the world through changing our workplaces.”

As a consultant, Lambert has worked with many Fortune 500 companies to include internal practices, such as ERGs, to help employees feel comfortable with their faith in the workplace. His invitation to the crowd of BYU students was this: “The best contributor [to the workplace] that you can be is the best disciple of Christ you can be, period. Why? Because that is exactly who you are. That holds true for your Muslim and Jewish etc. colleagues as well. You are able to contribute fully only when you are able to contribute your whole self fully.”

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