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Wheatley Study Cited in Newsweek

Husband of Two Weeks Blasted for Admitting He Can 'See Himself Cheating'

A man who told his wife of two weeks that he could picture himself "cheating in the distant future" and that he doesn't think cheating is "that bad" has received a storm of criticism on Reddit.

According to a post shared by the wife (under the username anonymously50977), which had received 12,000 upvotes at the time of writing, her husband brought up the topic of fidelity and allegedly said that he "could see himself cheating in the distant future."

He explained that "he doesn't see cheating as something that's 'that bad' because if and WHEN he gets TEMPTED" to cheat, he'd just 'miss and want me more'," the wife said in the post.

According to national data collected in late 2019 by the survey research group YouGov, which was sponsored by the Wheatley Institution, men are more likely to report ever having engaged in an extramarital affair, while 20 percent of men who were ever married and 10 percent of ever-married women reported cheating on their spouses in the past.

When those surveyed were asked what they felt counted as cheating, 70 percent labeled six of the nine behaviors presented as cheating, while 30 percent rated seven or more of the behaviors represented as cheating.

"Those who labeled more than six behaviors as cheating were less likely to report extramarital affairs, relative to their more lenient counterparts," according to a September 2020 blog by Jeffrey Dew, a fellow of the Wheatley Institution, for the Institute for Family Studies.

An August 2017 study in the peer-reviewed Archives of Sexual Behavior suggested that "personal engagement in ESI [extradyadic sexual involvement i.e., having sexual relations with someone other than their partner] and perceptions of partner engagement in ESI predict increased risk of serial infidelity in subsequent relationships."

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