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Wheatley Fellow Expounds on the Relationship Between Pornography Use and the Relationship Stability

Brian J. Willoughby, a BYU Professor and Wheatley Fellow, shares research with the Institute of Family Studies.

The Institute of Family Studies recently featured an article coauthored by Brain J. Willoughby and Carson Dover. Willoughby is a Professor in the School of Family Life at BYU and a fellow at Wheatley Institute. Their article tackles the question of "Does Pornography Use Affect Relationship Well-Being?" using research from The Journal of Sex Research. The authors expound on research showing a strong correlation between low porn use and stable relationships as well as a correlation between unstable relationships and high porn use. They conclude that the best chance of a stable, heathy, and long-lasting relationship requires avoidance of pornography all together.

Read the whole article here.