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Wheatley Fellow Judge Thomas Griffith Introduces Jackson at Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings

WATCH: Judge Thomas Griffith introduces Jackson at Supreme Court confirmation hearings

Judge Thomas Griffith, a Wheatley Institute Fellow, played an extraordinary role today in introducing Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson at her Supreme Court confirmation hearing. Judge Griffith’s introduction was a stirring defense of the Rule of Law and democracy as he showed support of Judge Jackson’s nomination.

Judge Griffith recently retired from the United States Court of Appeals for the D. C. Circuit and testified of Judge Jackson’s character. Judges Griffith and Jackson worked together in the D. C. Circuit where Judge Griffith observed, in his words, Judge Jackson’s “diligent and careful approach, deep understanding and her collegial manner.”

Judge Griffith then emphasized the importance for his support, as a Conservative, of Judge Jackson, a Liberal. Despite their differing views, they are united in their common purpose to uphold the Rule of Law. Judge Griffith’s thought provoking reminder could not be more relevant in today’s political climate and could not be more applicable to each of us in our own lives.

In addition, Deseret News wrote an article on this event, aptly calling Judge Griffith “A Man for this Season.” Read the full article here.