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Wheatley Fellow Hal Boyd Welcomes a New Age of Countercultural Christianity


Hal Boyd voices his perspective on being a christian in modern times. Boyd’s post comes in response to a talk given to Ensign College by President Dallin H. Oaks of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Oak’s addressed students of Ensign College along with Elder Clark G. Gilbert, the church comissioner of education, on May 17th of 2022 in Salt Lake City.

Citing vintage tv show “Candid Camera”, Oaks focused on the pressures that christians feel to conform to shifts in societal standards, beliefs and practices. A clip from the tv show featuring a social experiment/prank where an unsuspecting participant would be placed in an elevator with three strangers who were presumably unconnected. The strangers would then all simultaneously face in the same direction. The particpants, without fail, always joined the crowd in a facing in the new direction. Oaks explains that modern day christians face similar changes that pressure them to conform their beliefs.

Boyd takes the point a step forward by referring to Christianity as the new counterculture to main stream culture. He offers a solution to the pressure to conform by sticking together with like minded faithful individuals. Boyd states “Conformity is complex and group dynamics can cut both ways. Religious communities, for instance, can help support disciples in their efforts to stand fast in the faith even when it runs counter to contemporary culture.”

Deseret News posted Boyd’s full perspective on March 18th 2020. Read full article here.