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Jason Carroll Speaks at Ensign College about the "Laws of Love"

Wheatley Institute Family Director Discusses Christlike Love as Discipleship Key to Enduring Relationships

In his devotional address at Ensign College, Jason S. Carroll discusses the importance of Christlike love in dating, courtship, and marriage relationships. Drawing on scriptural teachings and social science research, Carroll emphasizes that true, enduring love is not simply an emotion but an active commitment grounded in moral agency and obedience to God's laws. He outlines three "laws of love"—exercising righteous agency, obeying commandments, and embracing truth—that allow individuals to receive God's endowment of charity, the pure love of Christ. Carroll encourages listeners to follow Christ's injunction to "love one another, as I have loved you," making love in relationships an act of discipleship. He concludes that this divine pattern of love provides the greatest capacity for loyalty, growth, and happiness in dating and marriage.

You can listen to the full devotion on Ensign College's YouTube Channel.