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Brad Wilcox and Riley Peterson Share 'Teens and Tech' Research in New Article

The pair argues that big tech should be treated like big tobacco in Deseret News article

Deseret News published a new article called "Perspective: It’s time to treat Big Tech like Big Tobacco" coauthored by Brad Wilcowx and Riley Peterson. In the article, they cite research from the "Teen and Tech: What Difference Does Family Structure Make?" report that was also coauthored by Brad Wilcox. In the article, they draw a comparison between the damaging effects of tobacco products with the negative impact social media and excessive technology use has on teenagers. They address the outdated nature of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act that was passed in 1998 as well as Governor Cox's push to pass legislation that further protects young people from the harm associated with time spent online.

Read the full article here.