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Sylvan Scott

2022 Scholarship Recipient

Sylvan Scott studies Piano Performance at BYU’s School of Music. He enjoys teaching music, both in his private studio as well as through the Piano by Pictures Academy. With the help of a professor, he created an online course, “Harmonize the Hands,” that he taught live to an international group of students. He has and will continue to celebrate the works of underrepresented composers in concert. As a graduate student, he wants to pursue music research and is considering an MBA or a degree in Public Administration. He would like to found a non-profit that will create greater educational or musical opportunities for those in low-income communities. He enjoys writing hymn arrangements and playing jazz piano, as well as backpacking and playing ultimate frisbee in the summertime. He grew up on both the West and East Coasts (California, Idaho, Connecticut, Maryland, and North Carolina) attending high school in Columbia, Maryland.