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Emily Quan

2022 Scholarship Recipient

Emily Quan studies Computer Engineering at BYU, with a minor in Computer Science. She is fascinated by cybersecurity and censorship and is concerned about the growing trend of digital authoritarianism that threatens the integrity of societal institutions. She hopes to work with the U.S. Department of Defense to defend the national cybersecurity infrastructure. She plans to obtain a master’s degree in engineering and public policy to help bridge the gap between policymakers and technologists on key government issues. She believes that studying engineering will expand the avenues of service available to her due to increased technical expertise. She served as a missionary in Mongolia and Salt Lake City, Utah. She enjoys blending her musical talent for piano performance with ballet accompaniment for the BYU dance department. She grew up partly in Virginia near Washington D.C., where her family currently resides, and partly in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Thailand.