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Wheatley Fellow Judge Griffith Returns to Washington for Portrait Unveiling

Former BYU general counsel and federal judge returns to Washington, D.C., for portrait unveiling.

In honor of Judge Thomas B. Griffith, distinguished guests gathered for his official portrait unveiling. Wheatley fellow Hal Boyd reported on the event.

The magazine The New Republic once listed Thomas B. Griffith—the now retired federal judge and chief legal officer of the United States Senate—among "Washington’s Most Powerful, Least Famous People."
Last week, however, Griffith became a bit more famous.

A courtroom full of family, former colleagues, and an assortment of Washington, D.C., dignitaries—including five sitting Supreme Court Justices—gathered to honor Griffith’s judicial career and witness his official portrait unveiling in the chambers of his former court, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, known in Washington as the "second highest court in the land."

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