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Bonds of Affection: Is Unity Possible in a Divided America?

Wheatley Institute partnered with the American Enterprise Institute on conference

May 16, Wheatley Institute and the American Enterprise Institution cohosted a wide-ranging conference discussing one of the most pressing issues our nation is facing today: political polarization.

The first panel explored the roots of the nation’s spiraling polarization crisis. In addition to analyzing polarization generally, panelists addressed what makes our current era of polarization distinct from past turmoil. The second panel centered on potential solutions to polarization and division. Among other possibilities for instilling unity among Americans, panelists agreed that we need to focus on renewing civic engagement and thoughtful dialogue.

AEI’s Yuval Levin and Martha Minow of Harvard Law School discussed the societal issues that keep them up at night—and what we can do about them before our nation unravels. The event ended with a Q&A.

In an era of polarized politics, we often focus on our differences. We can see what divides us. But we must focus on what unites us.

Event Recap: Bonds of Affection

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