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Headshot of Dr. Samuel Wilkinson

Purpose: What Evolution and Human Nature Imply About the Meaning of Our Existence

Thursday, October 17
4:00 PM
Hinckley Assembly Hall

Join us for a lecture with Yale Professor Dr. Samuel Wilkinson as he explores the purpose of our existence.

Generations have been taught that evolution implies there is no overarching purpose to our existence, that life has no fundamental meaning. We are merely the accumulation of tens of thousands of intricate molecular accidents. Some scientists take this logic one step further, suggesting that evolution is intrinsically atheistic and goes against the concept of God.

But is this true?

By integrating emerging principles from a variety of scientific disciplines—ranging from evolutionary biology to psychology—Professor Wilkinson provides a framework of evolution that implies not only that there is an overarching purpose to our existence, but what this purpose is.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Samuel Wilkinson is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine and is the Associate Director of the Yale Depression Research Program. He graduated from medical school at John Hopkins University and completed his psychiatric residency training at Yale University. His research is centered on improving the quality of care for psychiatric patients and their community.