Summer Fellowship Opportunity

Co-sponsored by

the Wheatley Institution and the James Wilson Institute

on Natural Rights and the American Founding

For the third summer in a row, the Wheatley Institution is pleased to co-sponsor a Summer Legal Fellowship with the James Wilson Institute on Natural Rights & the American Founding in Washington, DC. Law students, lawyers, and law clerks are welcomed to apply to partake in a week-long series of seminars on Natural Law and its bearing on our law led by Prof. Hadley Arkes and other distinguished scholars.

In those concentrated sessions, the Fellows will study these central points: the moral ground of the law; the properties of moral truths and how we know them; but then beyond that, how we may apply those principles of natural law systematically to the cases that arise in our law. The question is whether we can shape in that way a jurisprudence with moral coherence. For a look at our previous classes of Fellows, please visit: 2014, 2015,and 2016.

The Institute seeks up to 15 fellows who are advanced law students, clerks, or lawyers no more than 8 years since graduated from law school. Each fellow will receive a $1,000 stipend and funds to partially defray travel expenses. Accommodations, meals, and entertainment will be provided

A complete application package is due May 2.
Candidates will be notified by May 12.
For more information on submitting an application,
please visit the James Wilson Institute website.

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