The Wheatley Institution

Rebecca Udall Cowan

Student Scholar 2013

Rebecca Udall CowanRebecca Udall Cowan is a senior studying Elementary Education at Brigham Young University. She agrees with David O. Mckay that “the noblest of all noble professions is that of teaching” (Mckay, 1953). Beginning this August, she will begin an internship teaching third grade in Jordan school district. Rebecca believes teaching is a moral endeavor and public education is the cornerstone of a prosperous democratic society. She is currently a research assistant for an early literacy program called Project SEEL (which stands for Systematic Engaging Early Literacy). This project, developed by Drs. Barbara Culatta and Dana Kovarsky, aims to teach young children to read through meaningful, playful activities. (For more information visit: ). After graduation, Rebecca plans to obtain a Master’s degree in School Leadership. Mckay, David O. "Address of President David O. McKay." Faculty Workshop. Brigham Young University. 18 09 1953. Address.

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