The Wheatley Institution

Tanner Eastmond

Student Scholar 2016

Tanner EastmondTanner Eastmond is a senior studying Economics and Mathematics. He is currently involved in research in the economics department and is assisting with a number of projects including the effect of welfare programs on cohabiting couples’ marital decisions and the impact of offering gender neutral housing on college campus sexual assaults. He has been married to his wife Allison for a little over a year. They are both originally from Lehi, Utah, although Tanner also lived in Michigan, New York, and Arizona during his childhood years. He has three younger siblings, a younger sister and two younger brothers. He enjoys running and is currently preparing for a marathon. His wife often jokes that working is his hobby, but in reality he just really loves studying, learning, and researching. He plans on working towards a PhD in economics and eventually becoming a professor.

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