The Wheatley Institution

Lee Essig

Student Scholar 2015

Lee EssigMy name is Lee Essig. I am a Human Development major and my involvement with the Wheatley Institution has been primarily with its family initiative. Human and family dynamics fascinate me. I am particularly interested in Men and Masculinities research. Most of my research has related to men’s mental and emotional health and how men’s emotional stability effect their marriages and families. I also investigate how men’s conceptualization of masculinity effects them for good or for bad. I’m currently studying the effects of different media genres on men’s adherence to hegemonic masculine characteristics such as aggression and hyper-sexuality. Over the last three years I’ve been heavily involved in addiction research and education. I’ve worked with organizations including Fight the New Drug, The Elizabeth Smart Foundation, and Operation Underground Railroad. Over the last year, I’ve dedicated a significant amount of time to presenting on addiction, educating over 3,000 individuals on the development, experience, and recovery from addiction.

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