The Wheatley Institution

Julia Norman

Student Scholar 2015

Julia NormanMy name is Julia Norman and I am currently a junior at BYU. I am originally from the eastern part of Germany where I joined the Church in 2013. When my parents got divorced I recognized the ultimate importance of families and decided that I wanted to help others keep or reclaim a fulfilling and happy family life - especially in Germany where the family is in decline. This is why I am a Psychology major. In the program, I have especially enjoyed a research project with Dr. David Dollahite who investigates the positive impact of religion on family. I am planning on attending a Marriage and Family Therapy Master’s program so that I can prepare to become a licensed marriage and family therapist before earning a Ph.D. and later becoming a professor myself. I would like to first earn practical experience because I believe this to be of irreplaceable value for the students I will be teaching.

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