The Wheatley Institution

Brad Sears

Student Scholar 2015

Brad SearsI am a Junior studying philosophy at BYU. I returned last year from a mission in Brazil and currently teach Portuguese at the MTC. In July of this year, I married my best friend since high school in the Atlanta temple. I’ve always had a passion for music—well, not always. I began playing piano when I was six after my mom promised me she’d take me out for pizza if I signed up for my first lesson. Since then, I’ve recorded two CD’s, performed in several concerts, and played with Jon Schmidt from The Piano Guys. I’m a passionate sports fan and grew up playing basketball with the hopes of one day becoming a member of the Utah Jazz. I’ve since realized my aspirations were a little far-fetched, though I still enjoy playing basketball, volleyball, golf, and frisbee. I hope to attend law school at the University of Virginia after I graduate from BYU in 2017.

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