The Wheatley Institution

Alejandra Gimenez

Student Scholar 2014

Alejandra GimenezAlejandra Gimenez is a senior from Connecticut studying Political Science at Brigham Young University. She has been an Undergraduate Fellow with the Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy since January 2014 and works as a research assistant for the Center. Alejandra also serves as the head of publicity for the student chapter of the BYU Political Affairs Society. Her research interests include voting behaviors, campaigns and elections, gender in politics, and survey methodology. In April 2015, she and her co-author won first place at the Mary Lou Fulton Mentored Research Conference for their work on studying the effects of question wording on public opinion of the minimum wage. Later that month, she presented her research on gender dynamics at caucus meetings at the annual Midwest Political Science Association Conference in Chicago, IL. After graduation, she plans to pursue a PhD in American Politics. In her spare time, she loves to play tennis, attend sporting events, and sing, and was a member of the BYU Concert Choir.

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