The Wheatley Institution

Alyxis Keller

Student Scholar 2013

Alyxis KellerAlyxis Keller is a senior at BYU double majoring in Music, with an emphasis in piano, and in the Humanities, with an emphasis in Comparative Literature. She has always been interested in the power of the arts; throughout her life, she has learned that access to the arts provides means of expression, lessons in discipline, and the creation of cultural unity. After completing her undergraduate studies, she hopes to pursue a Masters in Public Administration so that she is better equipped to share this knowledge with others. More specifically, she is working to promote the arts and their positive influence in local communities.
From a tiny town in Connecticut, Alyxis has studied the piano for nearly two decades. She also has academic interests in the French language, world music, literary period studies, and music history.

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