The Wheatley Institution

Alyssa Erickson

Student Scholar 2013

Alyssa EricksonAlyssa Erickson was born and raised in Boise, Idaho, where her house is located on the same street as her elementary, middle, and high schools. After enjoying classes in the elementary education and business programs, she found her niche in Latin American Studies, with minors in Music and Global Business & Literacy. In graduate school, Alyssa is interested in studying how technology can enhance the effectiveness of classroom teaching (especially to Spanish-speaking English Language Learners), as well as curriculum design. After teaching English in Mexico through a program called ILP and then living in the foreign language housing, she hopes to learn more about how second languages can be best taught and learned through immersion and online. She enjoys her job as an Instructional Design Assistant at BYU Independent Study. Alyssa is a Program Director for BYU Tutoring Services, which connects BYU student tutors with students who are struggling in a given class, and she looks forward to the the launch of a new website system that will connect with Learning Suite and make it easier for tutors to serve. Her hobbies include piano, organ, guitar, varying styles of dance, yoga, tennis, soccer, practicing her Spanish, and reading.

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